This sort of error means either:
- the java libraries in the runtime classpath are different to the compile
- the java libraries you are using are incompatible

So make sure your classpath contains only the jars you need and ones that
are compatible.
I would suggest using the xalan and xerces that come with fop.

On Tue, 10 Jul 2001 10:00:18 Abdul Wahab wrote:
> I want to convert XML to PDF by reading XML file in servlet.  So, Now my
> process is XML==>XSL:FO==>PDF.
> I tried with the bellow code.
> But I am getting "No Such MethodError" exception, for the past 3 days,
> eventhough the method is existed in class file.
> Could u please help me to solve this problem.
> java.lang.NoSuchMethodError
>         at org.apache.xpath.DOM2Helper.getNamespaceOfNode(
>         at org.apache.xpath.patterns.NodeTest.execute(
>     File xmlFile = new File(xml-url);
>     File xslFile = new File(xsl-url);
>     ByteArrayOutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream();            
>     Driver driver = new Driver();
>     driver.setRenderer(Driver.RENDER_PDF);
>     InputHandler inputHandler = new XSLTInputHandler(xmlFile, xslFile);
>     org.xml.sax.XMLReader parser = inputHandler.getParser();
>     driver.buildFOTree(parser, inputHandler.getInputSource());
>     driver.format();
>     driver.setOutputStream(out);
>     driver.render();
>     response.setContentType("application/pdf");
>     byte[] content = out.toByteArray();
>     response.setContentLength(content.length);
>     response.getOutputStream().write(content);
>     response.getOutputStream().flush();

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