At 00:42 10-07-2001, Erik Rehrmann wrote:
>Did you receive any message?

I don't think so.  The fop-user list isn't listed on the Web page or the 
archives yet, either, so I'm not going to stress about it yet.

> > or whatever), and then use page composition tools like the
> > psutil package
> > to split things back apart.
>What does this package exactly do ? Splitting A3 into two A4?

It does a whole bunch of stuff.  It can resize pages, produce 2-up or 4-up 
variants, reorder pages in signature order, etc.  I don't know for a fact 
that it can *undo* n-up layouts, but it's worth a shot.

>We currently have a big XSL describing all information for the book to 
>generate a pdf document via fop.
>This document is shown in a browser and lets the user do some layout 
>manipulation, e.g. inserting page breaks etc.
>The resulting pdf document(s) will be send to a printing shop, thus we 
>cannot change the output format.
><psutil> sounds like a tool for postscript files?!

Depending on the size of the document, if the users are inserting page 
breaks anyway, that might be the best approach.  Probably a good idea to 
try and capture that information in the XML source via PIs to save time in 
the case of other content changes anyway.  If you really need to automate 
it, though... well, unfortunately, as I said, I think that treating a 
two-page spread as a two-column single page is the only way, and that might 
be impossible to handle with your current printing process.  Probably worth 
checking with your service bureau, though.

Good luck!

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