At 09:42 AM 7/10/01 +0200, Erik Rehrmann wrote:
>Did you receive any message? I also thought I successfully subscribed since 
I got the message from ezmlm, but did not receive any additional messages.
>I requested the last 100 messages by sending 
'[EMAIL PROTECTED]', but I got only two: The initial message 
of Arved and my concerning the Page (re)calculation.

Hi, Erik

I saw your message on fop-user. You sent it early yesterday morning your 
time. I was going to answer but was leaving for work...I didn't 
even notice that it was the first "real" fop-user question. :-)

In any case the list is definitely up, and your question was a good one to 
put there. I don't know how many people have subscribed to it yet, and it 
will take a while to ramp up.


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