Ok - so what does this tell you?

a) Your JRun failed for some reason
b) You should be using a proper servlet engine.

Now what has this got to do with FOP? 

Oh ok - I'll try to be helpful for a few minutes.

Basically by adding classes to JRun's classpath you have added to the classes and
packages available to it. Jrun needs certain standard things - like an XML parser.
What you have probably done is to replace the old XML parser used by JRun with 
a later one from Apache. This would be fine if it worked - but it looks like you
haven't fully installed it.

Now ideally JRun should have two totally separate classpaths - one for the 
servlet engine itself - which you don't change - and one for each 
servlet zone  for servlets(and jsp's)  (I think JRun calls them "jsm"s.)

If you want to install FOP you should be ideally be installing FOP as part of a


Ok - now if this is all old hat to you and you are pointing out the mistakes in
the above explanation lets think about what you can do:

1) put the all FOP classes onto the *end* of your classpath of a single JSM.
You might find a file called jsm.properties (but that is from my experience of
a really old version of JRun on unix). Alternatively you might be able to set this
up with the GUI.

2) Ask in a JRun mailing list how to add new classes properly.

3) If you ammend the setup of some software you really should be able to back out
your changes in case you mess up. If you can't then you only have yourself to blame.


 --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: > 
> Hi all!
>      I have installed JRun 3.0 on Win 2000 machine. I installed it as
> application not as windows services. It was working quite fine but then i
> added a couple of jar files in JRUN\servers\lib\ext and some jsps and
> classes in my web application while the server was running. Then i
> restarted the server. The server did not start and gave the error
> "JRun exited abnormally Check evenet log". I checked the log file and found
> out that it gave error on loading default-app.
> The error is
> "error (JRun) JRun Aborting! [javax.xml.parsers.FactoryConfigurationError:
> java.lang.classNotFoundException:
> org.apache.Crimson.jaxp.SAXParserFactoryImpl]"
> Now no server is running even the admin server. Can anybody help me out of
> this.???
> Thanx
> Wajid

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