I'll try to help , but I am no expert...

The problem is that JRun and Fop both need an XML parser. In "F:\Program
Files\Allaire\JRun\lib\ext" is a XML parser, but it's an old one (Dom level
1). To use Fop and Cocoon, you need an xml parser with Dom level 2 (e.g.
Xerces). If the old one is in the classpath before Xerces, it will load
first and Fop will not work.
Normally people suggest to put Xerces in this folder and rename it to
aaXerces.jar. That way, it will load first. JRun will then also use Xerces
for its own XML-parsing. But this solution is messy, and no system
administrator will allow it on a production server, because it may interfere
with other projects on that server.

After some searching on the archives of fop-dev and cocoon-users and Allaire
JRUN web support (very interesting!) I found the following solution which is
much clearer (I think :-)

The idea is that every server in JRun has its own java virtual machine. You
change the classpath for that particular server so it loads first the
classes in a local directory of that server, and then the classes in
"\JRun\lib\ext". That way you don't have to put anything in the
"JRun\lib\ext" folder and the JRun application and the other servers (Admin,
Default) are not affected by your experiments.

Step 1: restore JRun to the original configuration or reinstall JRun so it
works again.

Step 2: create a new server (e.g. "Fopserver" )  (see setup guide). Now you
have 3 servers in "F:\Program Files\Allaire\JRun\servers" : "admin",
"default" and "Fopserver" .
This step is not really necessary, you can also use the existing default
server if you want. In that case replace in the following steps "Fopserver"
with "default".

Step 3: edit the file
"F:\Program Files\Allaire\JRun\servers\Fopserver\local.properties" :
Change (or add if it doesn't exist) the line that starts with
"java.classpath=" to:


For a definition of all these {...} see "F:\Program
Items in local.properties of a server override for that server the ones in

Step 4: put all the apache jars(Xerces,Xalan,Fop,...) and other jars you
need in the folder "F:\Program Files\Allaire\JRun\servers\Fopserver\lib".
They will be available to all apps in that server.

works for me on Win2000/JRun3.0 and Solaris/JRun3.1

Peter Jacobs

> Hi all!
>      I have installed JRun 3.0 on Win 2000 machine. I installed it as
> application not as windows services. It was working quite fine but then i
> added a couple of jar files in JRUN\servers\lib\ext and some jsps and
> classes in my web application while the server was running. Then i
> restarted the server. The server did not start and gave the error
> "JRun exited abnormally Check evenet log". I checked the log file
> and found
> out that it gave error on loading default-app.
> The error is
> "error (JRun) JRun Aborting! [javax.xml.parsers.FactoryConfigurationError:
> java.lang.classNotFoundException:
> org.apache.Crimson.jaxp.SAXParserFactoryImpl]"
> Now no server is running even the admin server. Can anybody help me out of
> this.???
> Thanx
> Wajid

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