Thanks to the people who helped my with my build problem. I now have a couple of more questions/statements:

1. "./build.sh" clean removes the whole lib directory .. it this desirable? It stops 'ant' from working. Certainly I can work around it, but it seems like a build bug to me.

2. To run the fop.jar with "java -jar fop.jar" appears to require a link from build/lib to ../lib,

3. After getting it all running (yay!) and successfully converting FO to PDF, I did a cvs update -d to get the latest sources, and now...

   [javac] /home/mark/cvs/xml-fop/build/src/org/apache/fop/fo/flow/TableRow.java:240: No method matching checkBreakBefore() found in class org.apache.fop.fo.PropertyManager.
   [javac]    int breakStatus = propMgr.checkBreakBefore();
   [javac]                                              ^

So something new is broken :-} ... is this what GUMP detects?


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