Change summary

NB: we started from the 5/21/01 version of,
which was the latest as of Friday's cvs snapshots.

The changes we're submitting, deal with the following

1.  Background (colored) areas were being rendered
      in 3D, which incorrectly applied a bevelled look
      to the fill.

2.  Drawing of lines (e.g., borders) ignored the
      border thickness and simply drew a 1 pixel line.
      We've corrected addLine to do the right thing.

3. The actual placement of a couple of the borders
     were incorrectly computed -- previously hidden
     by addLine ignoring thickness.  This is fixed also.

4. Several places were subject to integer
     round-off errors, an example is that if you
     separately colored all the table-cells in a
     table row the backgrounds would sometimes show
     white gutters where one would expect the cells
     to bleed together.  The same could happen
     if you put bottom borders in every cell --
     they'd show gaps

We realize this AWTRenderer is probably vestigial,
in that it doesn't subclass the abstract PrintRenderer,
and perhaps is destined for the scrap heap.  In the
meantime, however, these changes should make its
end-of-life happier.

At any rate, these changes improve ~our~ product's life.  ;-)

         Andy Langowitz         [EMAIL PROTECTED]
         Ralph LaChance [EMAIL PROTECTED]

apologies if we stepped on your tabs -- our
environment is set to indent 2 cols

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