On Tue, 17 Jul 2001 11:36:00 Arved Sandstrom wrote:
> I should have said, _one_ of the text editors I use does that. :-) Using 
> another text editor I am as guilty as the next fellow (although I have to
> look more closely; the editor may be able to do the conversion).
> We should, in theory, be able to use the cvswrappers mechanism (or module
> options) to run a style tool on a file when it is committed (or in a
> number 
> of other cases). I can investigate this. I'd suggest that we divvy up the
> existing code, and use style tools of our choice, in our working copies,
> to 
> clean up the code, and re-commit; future commits can be adjusted using
> the 
> cvswrappers mechanism.

I wasn't trying to pick on anyone, it just seems to be a non-improving

I think that would be better to do it all at once and use the wrappers. The
only problem is what style formatter to use.

jstyle - has at least 3 bugs (one that will cause compile errors)
astyle - I think it's ok (but there was something I didn't like about, I
can't remember what it was)

any other choices...?

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