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Subject: Re: I18n issue in AWT Preview

> SA> Of course I can write my own dialog, but for begginers it would be
better to
> SA> fix such issue.
> Remove from org.apache.fop.viewer.LoadableProperties second parameter
> in line 28.
> before:
>       BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new
> after:
>       BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new

Yes, this is a simplest fix, but it's rized another problem - default
encoding may differs under different OS. For example, under Windows, for
russian locale file.encoding=Cp1251, but in OS/2 it is Cp866, in Linux -
koi8-r or ISO-8859-5, in Mac - MacCyrillic. If you wrote resource file in
one encoding, it would be working in one OS, but not in another.

There is two possible solutions - revert back to standart ResourceBundle
(this is preferably), or support \uXXXX escape form in LoadableProperties.

Sergey Astakhov ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

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