At 03:25 18-07-2001, Weiqi Gao wrote:
>We did some playing around with a simple FOP servlet that does
>XHTML->XSL-FO->PDF using Xalan and FOP and come away with the following
>1. It uses quite a bit of memory.  While running around 20-30 concurrent
>users, each generating a set of four PDFs ranging from 2 to 5 pages five
>times each, the servlet engine memory usage is about 110MB.
>2. It uses quite a bit of CPU.  While running the above test, the CPU is
>about 50% with 10 users, 70% with 20 users, and over 80% with 30 users.
>3. It takes quite a bit of time to do the generation.  The minimum
>generation time for the four documents are from 1 to 4 seconds (the 4
>seconds one is 5 pages with 13 tables with various cell colors and
>border styles).  In the 30 user test, the average time are from 20 to 40
>seconds, and maximum well over 2 minutes.

How much of that load is from Xalan and how much from FOP?

It might be instructive to construct a similar applet that uses Xalan to do 
XHTML->XSL-FO, and serve those FOs (labeled as application/xml) to the 
browser.  If a significant portion of the load is due to Xalan, a reduction 
might be possible by using a different XSLT engine such as SAXON.  (SAXON 
is also more compliant than Xalan.)

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