I'll gladly test it.  I have several complex  thousand page
documents to run, and I've been waiting for FOP to mature.

Send it my way

Dave Frankson

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Subject: Re: FOP in a servlet under load

> Hi
> With my changes to FOP I can process tens of thousands of pages of
> XML:FO in only a few Mb of heap. I have asked for testers but so far
> noone has responded... this sounds like an ideal environment in which to
> test, no? The performance of FOP seems also to have improved, probably
> because the GC is a lot less stressful (far fewer objects to scan and
> far fewer OS memory requests being performed).
> I hope to have my final changes completed today at which time I will
> post a summary of them and submit them for inclusion... they are not too
> major. I have modified all of the renderers to suit and have a slightly
> different API and calling sequence. But I'm happy to send a JAR and the
> sources to anyone who wants them earlier.
> One of the main problems with FOP IMHO is not that it is poorly designed
> but that there has been little control over the quality of the code that
> is present there. There are wild variations in the code, assumptions
> made in it, commenting, use of public/private members, coupling,
> cohesion, maturity, you name it and it changes from file to file and
> module to module. I make this observation because a redesign of FOP is
> not going to make these issues go away - another solution is required.
> I'll look at the synchronization issues once I'm finished with the
> pipelining issues, assuming my patches are worthwhile :)
> Regards
> Mark
> Weiqi Gao wrote:
> >We did some playing around with a simple FOP servlet that does
> >XHTML->XSL-FO->PDF using Xalan and FOP and come away with the following
> >findings:
> >
> >1. It uses quite a bit of memory.  While running around 20-30 concurrent
> >users, each generating a set of four PDFs ranging from 2 to 5 pages five
> >times each, the servlet engine memory usage is about 110MB.
> >
> >2. It uses quite a bit of CPU.  While running the above test, the CPU is
> >about 50% with 10 users, 70% with 20 users, and over 80% with 30 users.
> >
> >3. It takes quite a bit of time to do the generation.  The minimum
> >generation time for the four documents are from 1 to 4 seconds (the 4
> >seconds one is 5 pages with 13 tables with various cell colors and
> >border styles).  In the 30 user test, the average time are from 20 to 40
> >seconds, and maximum well over 2 minutes.
> >
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