Yes, Karen, the background-image properties would solve my problems. I'm not 
so comfortable with the idea of placing an image file (such as tif) behind 
the document's content, altough with reasonable resolution the end-result 
would do fine. But implementing an SVG image in body's background would be 
excellent! :)

>Hi Ilkka,
>Assuming that FOP implemented the background properties:
>background-image, background-position-vertical,
>background-position-horizontal, could you do what you needed to? These
>can be specified on all the regions. As far as I can see, there is no
>explicit limitation on the position being within the actual region area,
>so presumably by using a negative value for position, you could make the
>background "bleed" outside the body region. It seems like you should at
>least be able to do the line in the column gutter.
>Karen Lease

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