Yes, I'm starting to think your java is broken too. It should at least say something. 
I wonder if it could be that you have some other file named java lying around that is 
being executed instead of the real java.
In that case, the "fake java" is perhaps waiting on some kind of user input, which 
often looks like a hang. 

Try the commands  'type java' or 'which java', which should make the shell tell you 
where it is finding the command called java.
It's typically in some directory like /usr/lib/jdk.. or jre. 
If it's a real java, it should tell you it's version number when you give the command 
"java -version".
By the way what flavor of unix or linux are you running and do you know where your JDK 
is from? Is the variable "JAVA_HOME" set in your environment?

You were running fop some time ago right? so you must have had a working java at some 

We'll track this thing down!

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>Sujet: Re: Can't build fop: Hangs after "Starting Ant..."
>De: "Gregor N. Purdy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: 23 Jul 2001 07:21:42 -0400
>Karen --
>Thanks for the ideas. Still no success. I'm attaching a typescript file
>and I figure whatever is going on has got to be something
>very foundational but probably very simple once found. I'm puzzled by
>the fact that fop has its own private copy of ant, etc. and that it
>is set up to use its own private tools, yet doesn't work here while
>working there.
>I wonder if Java itself is broken.
>I don't do a lot with Java on my own, so if there are some simple
>checks you could guide me through to see that I'm not getting breakage
>at that level, I'd appreciate it.
>-- Gregor
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