Hi again Arved,

What may make this fairly easy is the fact that the PropertyList object
has its own parent reference, to its parent PropertyList. This is set in
the constructor for the PropertyList. Except when changing namespaces,
it's set to the property list of the FO parent object. Property
retrieval is dynamic and will climb the inheritance tree based on the
parentProperty value. Unlike the FO tree, the parent PropertyList
doesn't reference its children; there are only upwards pointers. So I
think if we just add a method to "reparent" the property list that might
do the trick.

Things to watch out for:
use of methods like "from-parent()" in the property values, since these
are currently interpreted during PropertyList construction and not
during layout. Of course we might just say it's common sense not to use
those... at least for now.

The other thing we'd have to do is flush the PropertyManager cache for
things like font-state. The PropertyList itself (or rather the Property
objects it holds) don't generally cache the results of requests (for
example, storing an inherited value directly), but the PropertyManager
does. Also the use of percentage values in properties causes them to be
interpreted during layout, and those "resolved" values are then stored
in the actual Property objects.

That's about where I'm at right now. I'm going on vacation so I probably
won't be as active for the next few weeks, though I will probably
continue to mull over various things. On the other hand, tomorrow I have
a lot of travel time, so maybe I'll be able to poke at this Property
stuff and give you actual code instead of just advice!

Best regards,

Arved Sandstrom wrote:
> If you run some examples, you'll see that where fo:marker/fo:retrieve-marker
> currently is incorrect is that the properties on fo:marker are inherited from
> the original parent, not from the parent in the fo:static-content once the
> marker has been retrieved. In effect, markers are re-useable (I already have
> to reset them before each layout), and they have to be able to dynamically
> re-parent, sort of having a static parent for the purposes of retrieval, and
> a dynamic or _effective_ parent for the purposes of layout.
> It is easy enough to figure out what the effective parent for layout is; my
> question is, since you are the properties guru, what is the most effective
> mechanism for re-initiating inheritance using this effective parent? This
> would have to be done every time a marker is used. I could work it out
> eventually, but I'm lazy. :-)
> Thanks. Arved.

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