I noticed some comments on validation a few days ago.  To DTD or not to 
DTD and the like, including Karen's comment that she wanted to move a 
lot of the "semantic" validation into addChild.

I had been wondering why we weren't using a DTD to provide the first 
level of syntatic validation in the parser.  When I was thinking about 
the streaming of large documents, I felt that streaming tends to promote 
the parsing to the top of the processing hierachy.  I made some comments 
along these lines a few days ago.

It seems to me that, if the syntactic validation is to come into the 
code, it makes some sense to use the structure that is imposed by the 
syntactic structure of the XML to in turn structure not just the 
parsing, but, as much as possible, the processing.  I found, and this 
may be the newcomer effect, that in order to find my way around in the 
code, I needed to read the spec.  That told me what to look for next.  I 
would, rather, like to be able to read the code instead of reading the 
spec.  I exaggerate, but do you see my point?

Looking back over this, I see that it is largely a rehash of what I said 
before, so I'll leave it at that.

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