Sorry for this may-be very common question, but I can't reach the FAQ
because it is on the 8090 port and our firewall doesn't let us use this
port. Is there another way to reach the FAQ (through a 'normal' port)?

Therefore here is my qustion:

I tested my xsl-fo with FOP using the -awt option to preview it. Very nice
and handy. But I realised that the 'real' PDF doens't appear the same as
the awt preview!!! Manly with the table borders! How come the rendering is
better on the previewer than on the pdf file? Is there a way to change it
(except waiting for you guys who make a fabulous job to finish it)?

Thanks and cheers

Emmanuel Ponette
Euro DB
Place de l'Université, 16
B-1348 Louvain-La-Neuve

Phone: +32 10 47 67 44
Fax:      +32 10 47 67 67

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