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> Hi,
> Sorry for this may-be very common question, but I can't reach the FAQ
> because it is on the 8090 port and our firewall doesn't let us use this
> port. Is there another way to reach the FAQ (through a 'normal' port)?

Sorry - My fault. One of several faults with the FAQ which I meant to 
sort out but never found the time to do so. Any apache server experts in London
want to give me a hand compiling an apache server with all the features I need? 


Feel free to pester me every few weeks to sort this out.

> Therefore here is my qustion:
> I tested my xsl-fo with FOP using the -awt option to preview it. Very nice
> and handy. But I realised that the 'real' PDF doens't appear the same as
> the awt preview!!! Manly with the table borders! How come the rendering is
> better on the previewer than on the pdf file? Is there a way to change it
> (except waiting for you guys who make a fabulous job to finish it)?

I'm pretty certain that question isn't in the FAQ so asking it here is the correct
thing to do. 

Personally I am not surprised that the AWT preview isn't identical to the PDF file...


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