Hi Arnaud,

That's about right, but try putting the "-d" argument before the doc.fo
and doc.pdf. Hopefully you will get a better debugging message. It
sounds like your .fo file has an unknown object in it, although the
message isn't very helpful. You might want to include your .fo file with
your message so one of us can take a look at it.

Karen Lease

Arnaud Carrard wrote:
> Hi,
> I cannot access the FOP-FAQ on the xml.apache.org web
> site, concerning the use of FOP, so I write directly
> to this list.
> I would like to apologise in advance because I am a
> real beginner in this field and I might not be using
> the right channel to ask my questions (let me know if
> this is the case).
> Situation:
> I have installed sun java v 1.31. I have transformed
> an .xml document into a .fo document using an .xsl
> document (with msxsl command line). I now try to
> transform this .fo document into a.pdf document. I
> have also installed msxml v 3.
> Problem:
> To do the transformation, I am using this command:
> java -jar fop.jar doc.fo doc.pdf -d
> I then got a lot of error messages (Using SAX Parser
> org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser - Building
> formatting object tree - Warning: Unknown formatting
> object- ERROR: nul).
> Questions:
> Is this the right way to process an .fo file?
> Do I need to install something else to make things
> working?
> What else should I do?
> Thank you in advance and sorry if this question has
> nothing to do on this list.
> Arnaud Carrard.
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