Hi Emmanuel,

As you say, the problem seems to be in processing the XSL. That isn't
really done by FOP, except by calling Xalan (or some other kind of Trax
compliant transformer.) 
Sounds like one of two things: obscure classpath problem or problem with
the Sun JDK 1.3.1 itself on Win98. Do you have any jars in the "ext"
directory (c:\jdk1.3.1\lib\ext)? What is your CLASSPATH environment
variable set to? If all else fails, you might try generating the FO file
separately (maybe with MSXML for example if that works) and then just
using FOP directly on the FO file.


> Hi,
> I designed an xsl-fo at work with win2k. It works nice and smooth, the
> result is exactly what I want.
> I wanted to do some work at home (on a win 98 PC) and the result is
> different.
> My xml file is someting like this:
> <school name = "Don Bosco">
>   <class>
>      <class_name>Math</class_name>
>      <group>Science</group>
>      <teacher rank = "level3">John Smith</teacher>
>      ...
>    </class>
>    <class>
>   ...
> the xsl process gives table for each group with all the teacher, and tables
> for each teacher with all the groups he is in. I need to use a for-each
> with a key to have the list with having multiple row with the same values:
> <xsl:for-each select="key('teacher-group', teacher)[not(concat(teacher,
> group)=concat(preceding::teacher, preceding::group))]">
> With win2k, I have the tables as I want to. In win98, I have the groups as
> many times as there are teachers in the group.
> I use FOP this way:
> c:\jdk1.3.1\bin\java -cp e:\Fop-0.19.0-CVS\fop.jar org.apache.fop.apps.Fop
> -xsl e:\testxml\school.xsl -xml e:\testxml\school.xml -pdf e:
> \testxml\school.pdf
> any idea what's wrong? The rendering is good but it seems that the xsl
> processing sucks with FOP and win98. I have the same version of java (SUN
> jdk 1.3.1), the same version of Xalan (j2.2.D6). I even upgradded the msxml
> on my win98 (useless but how knows...). I checked my path and classpath.
> I'm lost and the FOP FAQ is not yet available to me... ;o)
> Cheers
> Emmanuel Ponette
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