I designed an xsl-fo at work with win2k. It works nice and smooth, the
result is exactly what I want.
I wanted to do some work at home (on a win 98 PC) and the result is

My xml file is someting like this:

<school name = "Don Bosco">
     <teacher rank = "level3">John Smith</teacher>

the xsl process gives table for each group with all the teacher, and tables
for each teacher with all the groups he is in. I need to use a for-each
with a key to have the list with having multiple row with the same values:

<xsl:for-each select="key('teacher-group', teacher)[not(concat(teacher,
group)=concat(preceding::teacher, preceding::group))]">

With win2k, I have the tables as I want to. In win98, I have the groups as
many times as there are teachers in the group.

I use FOP this way:

c:\jdk1.3.1\bin\java -cp e:\Fop-0.19.0-CVS\fop.jar org.apache.fop.apps.Fop
-xsl e:\testxml\school.xsl -xml e:\testxml\school.xml -pdf e:

any idea what's wrong? The rendering is good but it seems that the xsl
processing sucks with FOP and win98. I have the same version of java (SUN
jdk 1.3.1), the same version of Xalan (j2.2.D6). I even upgradded the msxml
on my win98 (useless but how knows...). I checked my path and classpath.
I'm lost and the FOP FAQ is not yet available to me... ;o)


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