Hi Vicki,

I believe there is a small problem in your XSL stylesheet. You've

<xsl:template match="Confirmation/TradeHeaderSection/table/row/cell1">
                <xsl:value-of select="./tableA"/> <!-- SEE BELOW! -->

I think you mean '<xsl:apply-templates select="./tableA"/>'. That will
cause the content of tableA to be processed to create the nested table.

By the way, you probably could simplify your stylesheet quite a bit. If
you just say <xsl:apply-templates/>, it will process all the children of
the current node in order. Also in your <xsl:template> elements, you
only need to match on the entire context of an element if you need to do
something different depending on where the element appears. For example,
you might be able to use: 
        <xsl:template match="cell1">
in the rule above, since your structure seems quite unambiguous.

Hope that helps you on your way,
-Karen Lease

> I am using FOP 0-19-0.CVS and having problems nesting tables.  Just as
> a simple test I am trying to place one table inside a block, within a
> single outer table cell.  The PDF output does display the values, but
> entirely ignores the inner table structure by placing the values on a
> single row.
> I have seen some of the other discussions on this issue, eg, setting
> column widths, yet have not been able to resolve the problem.  Attached
> is the xsl fragment.
> Does anyone know how to overcome this, or have an example of code that
> will give me something to work from?
> Many thanks
> Vicki
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                     Name: Test_fo_5.xsl
>    Test_fo_5.xsl    Type: unspecified type (application/octet-stream)
>                 Encoding: base64
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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