On Wednesday, August 8, 2001, Alex McLintock  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  wrote:

> Hmmm, I guess I better put this in the FAQ.
> Hmmm, I guess I better fix the FAQ.


This is not meant as criticism.  In fact, thanks for all the work you've
done so far to maintain the FAQ.

But, why not make life easier for yourself and set up a Faq-O-Matic?
In general, no person really has the time or energy to properly maintain
a FAQ.  You have more important things to do, like answer questions
on this list.  (Smiley needed?)  So, one should leave it to computers and
the community to do the maintaining and growing.

I believe Faq-O-Matic is a SourceForge project and shouldn't be
too difficult to set up.

Paul Furbacher

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