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> On Wednesday, August 8, 2001, Alex McLintock  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  wrote:
> > Hmmm, I guess I better put this in the FAQ.
> > Hmmm, I guess I better fix the FAQ.
> Alex,
> This is not meant as criticism.  In fact, thanks for all the work you've
> done so far to maintain the FAQ.
> But, why not make life easier for yourself and set up a Faq-O-Matic?

What - you mean like the one I already use?

I am actually one of the world's biggest users of Jyve - a Java based FAQ-O-Matic
based upon Apache software Turbine (and MySQL).

It may not have the pedigree of the old perl based FAQ-O-Matic but ....
Well I have my own reasons to use this FAQ-O-Matic servlet rather than the classic 

I have set up a program which is available on http://www.OWAL.co.uk:8090/asf/fop.jsp
This however has two main faults.

1) It is on port 8090 and not 80. This is an apache administration issue which I don't
   really have time to sort out.
2) It doesn't allow people to register themselves. This is another configuration issue.

Now I intend to replace this system with the latest version of Jyve and solve 
both of these problems but I'm in the middle of buying a house and so my spare time
is a bit limited.

It is however working quite well (IMHO). It only takes me seconds to spot a useful
answer presented to this mailing list and to add it into the FAQ....

PS My own Jyve FAQ is available at


It also contains a number of "Future Enhancements" which I have been talking about for 
ages and
really need to sort out. Any java programmers interested in helping out?

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