Hi all-

I have list-item-label and list-item-body kept
together on the same page.  I will need a lesson in
the etiquette of presenting the changes.  Should I
send the full class files to this list?  Attempt to
diff the class files?  A little advice woudl be good.

As for what I did:


1) Added a protected Vector allAreas = new Vector()

2) Filled in removeAreas() with
public void removeAreas() {
  // still to do
  Area parentArea;
  int numAreas = this.allAreas.size();
    for(int i=0; i < numAreas; i++) {
      parentArea =  
    int numChildren = this.children.size();
    for(int i = 0; i < numChildren; i++) {
      FONode fo = (FONode) children.elementAt(i);
    this.marker = 0;

Problem: How to set marker so that if layout is called
again area will be recreated, but IDs will not. Or,
how to remove IDs related to above areas as well. 0
seems to work right now, but maybe markers needed to
be enumerated?

Changes to Block.java:

1) In layout() after this.blockArea is created added:

Changes to ListItemLabel.java:
1) In layout():
if(this.marker == START) {
  String id = this.properties.get("id").getString();  
  this.marker = 0;
Simply to prevent a error due to the same ID being
initialized again.

Changes to ListItemBody.java:

None.  It returns Status.AREA_FULL_NONE when the first
item overflows the page.

Changes to ListItem.java:

1)Changed the following from:

if (this.marker == 0) {
   // configure id
   area.getIDReferences().configureID(id, area);

   status = label.layout(blockArea);
   if (status.isIncomplete()) {
        return status;


// configure id
if(this.marker == 0){

status = label.layout(blockArea);
if (status.isIncomplete()) {
  return status;

Again prevents errors due to bad ID. I tried leaving
this if alone mostly, and just setting the marker to
2. And only configuring the ID when the marker = 0,
and the rest if the marker equaled 0 or 2, but kept
getting a 2 >= 2 error during the rendering areas
step, and couldn't figure out what was generating the

2) Inserted:
            if(status.laidOutNone()) {
                this.marker = 1;
                return status;
        status = body.layout(blockArea);
        if (status.isIncomplete()) {

So, if it nothing is laid out in the body, I remove
all the areas created by label set the marker equal to
1 so it doesn't redo IDs.  And return AREA_FULL_NONE.



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