Hello, Charile:
I guess you need this:
<fo:block text-align="center">
  <fo:block>This is</fo:block>
  <fo:block>a 3-line centered</fo:block>
It is very easy to write a template rule to do this specific work with XPath string functions.
Frank Chen
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From: Charlie Wu
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2001 1:20 AM
Subject: how do i force a linebreak?

Hi there:
I've gone through the extensive.fo example but still couldn't find the answer to my question.. which is:
If I want to display a 3-line centered title and I want to force a line break after a specific word, how do I do that? If I used <fo:block text-align="center">it doesn't give me control over where the linebreak should be.. I tried to use "\n" but this gets printed verbatim..
any ideas? also where would be a good url to learn such things?

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