Hi Fopwegian (or should that be Fopocastrian),

On Fri, 10 Aug 2001 08:41:54 Mark Lillywhite wrote:
> Hi fopsians,
> Also, some 'live' examples of real-world stuff on the FOP page would be
> good, some enumeration of the benefits of XML:FO and FOP, some ways that
> FO can be applied to solve real problems. Certainly I can help with
> examples of that, since I got involved in this project specifically
> because of the advantages of FOP over other mechanisms for producing
> output.

I have done some work on a demo.
It uses Java webstart (work like an applet sort of).
The idea is to have it initially start the awt previewer at an index page
with a good introduction etc.
The it will have links to other examples (such as what we already have).

What needs to be done is:
- setup the apps classes to handle url (I have done some of this but its a
bit messy)
- write and index/intro

then put it on nagoya with the loader file (I have that ready and can do

The real sticking point is lack of time.

> I'm just saying it how I see it, of course; maybe I'm oversimplifying
> and talking out my botty. But the FOP page doesn't really get me all
> worked up about how it's going to change the world, even though I'm
> pretty sure it's impact will be huge. So I guess I'm saying it's a
> marketing problem...?

I think this is where someone like you could help out - never seen someone
write so much.

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