As I mentioned in another email, I have been looking at getting a webstart
demo working (batik has one if you want a look).

Basically it operates like an applet (except it is a full running
application) that is easily run from a web browser.

This will use the awt viewer to load .fo files and display to the user. So
Any help with getting the viewer to work better would be appraciated. One
part that would be very useful for the demo is links loading up new files.
But really any help would be appreciated if it can make things easier and
display better.

Thanks for you input.


> ps - I have grafted it on to my app in a fairly crude way.  Anybody else
> interested in a reworking of the .viewer package to make it easier to do?
> If so, I'll put a bit more time in and offer some chages.

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