At 08:48 PM 8/12/01 +0100, Vic wrote:
>I am currently working on formatting a document and I
>think the only way I can get my required output is to
>use fo:float.
>Is anyone currently working on adding float? If not, how
>difficult would it be for someone with no knowledge of
>creating pdfs, to do this?

No one has announced that they are working on floats, not that I'm aware of.

You would not have to know about PDF at all to implement this functionality. 
All of the work of adding fo:float to FOP is at the area generation and 
layout stage, not at the rendering stage.

I think before-floats would probably not be too bad. What did you have in 
mind, before-floats or side-floats?

Arved Sandstrom

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