On Tue, 14 Aug 2001 00:16:44 Randall Parker wrote:
> I understand the conservative motivation here. But suppose I'm generating
> PDFs
> for an intranet app (as it happens I am) and have complete control over
> which 
> fonts are on the user machines. Well, in that case I do not want 
> PDFDocumentGraphics2D's constructor looking at textAsShapes and deciding
> to 
> instantiate a FontInfo class that uses a FontSetup class that effectively
> is used to restrict 
> which fonts I can use.

Yes, this would be possible. You could create a font setup that knows what
fonts you have by default, restrict other fonts, not embed fonts etc. you
may still need the font metrics info though.

> Where does the FOP embedding font technique get its fonts? Do you have to
> give FOP a 
> path to where to find fonts to embed? Or can it get them from Java AWT
> font calls and then 
> serialize them into a format to put in the PDF? Or do you have to put the
> fonts right into the 
> XSL FO document for FOP to find there? 

FOP can get info about embedding fonts from a config file. This is done
from a conversion of font files (look at the website).
In the case of PDFGraphics2D (as I said, not implemented) it would need to
setup the embedded fonts the same sort of way.

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