We have been using FOP in production to generate reports with Oracle's XSQL
servlet for about 1 month now and it has been working great. Our next
project is a photo ID class roster. The system is pretty much set but right
now the main thing holding us back is the size of the resulting PDF
document. An 8 page PDF with 30 1.5in x 1.13in jpegs on it is 7.18MB.
Considering the 240 images used in this document only occupy 730KB this is
rather large. The only other data in the document is a header and each
persons name. From what I have read on the FOP mailing list over the past
few months I seem to remember something about the cause of this being the
way Sun's JDK handled the images internally. I was also wondering if anyone
was working on incorporating some kind of image compression into FOP?

Our FO uses external-graphic tags to imbed the imaged

<fo:external-graphic height="1.5in" width="1.13in">
    <xsl:attribute name="src">

f select="../STUDENT[($row_index*6) + $cell_index]/ID"/>

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