On Mon, 20 Aug 2001 20:28:22 Eric Dalquist wrote:
> Just to update everyone on my progress. I have made most of the changes
> needed to insert raw JPGs into PDFs generated by FOP. I still have a day
> or
> two of testing before I post what I have changed. I was wondering what
> the
> procedure is for posting a possible FOP patch. Some help or pointers on
> this
> part over the next few days would be helpfull. By the way, that 7.18MB
> with 240 images is now 379KB.

This page here should tell you the information you need to know:

admittedly it is not complete and hasn't been updated for a while, so I
will attempt some elaboration.
Others can correct me if I'm going off in a completely wrong tangent.

Submitting a patch

Usually after making you changes to the code you should do a diff with the
current cvs.
Then you should attach (not inline) the diff to an email message to the
mailing list. If it is (very) large  you may want to compress it or put it
on a website. Usually an email is fine.

Code format

The code should follow the same format as the rest of the FOP code (4 space
indent etc.)

The email

You will probably want to explain the your email briefly what the patch is
about, have a relevant subject (eg. [PATCH] jpg images in pdf).

You should try to test it (obviously) and if possible it would be good to
supply some examples/tests.

Sounds good, a large saving on file size. This will probably need to be
supported sometime for jpg images in svg (I you aren't already doing that).

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