I have been using FOP for a few days and I have a few questions:

1. I know that in PDF files you can add a /FontDescriptor for a TrueType
font without actually embedding the font. What this does is if the font is
found in the system it uses it, if not it uses another font. Is there any
way I could do that with FOP?

2. There are a few reporting libraries floating around (itext, etymon-pj,
jpagelayout) and I think FOP could be used for reporting as well, after all
it renders to printer, postscript and pdf. Is anyone working in a reporting
library that uses FOP?

3. If I have a fo:block with a few fo:inline's with different font sizes is
there a way to make the line auto-size to the largest font in the line?

4. Just for curiosity, why isn't there a HTMLRenderer?


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