Winzip works just fine for this type of thing.


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Why not stick the whole distro into a JAR file? Everyone has "jar",
don't they? (and aren't JAR and ZIP files compatible with each other?).

Maybe this is a dumb idea but it seems a bit silly to have platform wars
when there's a Java standard for archiving. I'm not really sure why we
don't see this used in more places, but maybe that's why it's a dumb idea :)


p.s. im back! :)

Weiqi Gao wrote:

>On 28 Aug 2001 15:55:38 +1000, Peter B. West wrote:
>>How about a, explaining how to unzip
>>a tar.gz?  It might reduce the F of this AQ.
>Q: Why isn't there a Windows .zip version of Fop on the download site?
>A: To save diskspace on the Fop download site.  This is practical for
>two reasons:
>1. For a Java project, the zip archive and the tar.gz archive would
>contain exactly the same content.  So one of the two is superfluous if
>each format can be unarchived on every platform that mattered.
>2. It is indeed the case that each format can be unarchived on every
>platform that mattered.  One can easily unzip an zip archive on Linux,
>thanks to the GNU zip/unzip programs.  One can also gunzip and untar a
>tar.gz archive on Windows, thanks to the GNU tar program and Cygwin (or
>WinZip, or even PKZIP, if one is so inclined).
>Since tar.gz archives is always smaller than zip archives, (at least for
>archives the size of the Fop project), it is natural to choose tar.gz as
>the only archive format on the Fop download site.
>This format causes little to no problems for the various UNIX platforms.
>Some UNIX flavor's tar command is incompatible with the GNU tar command
>for pathnames longer than 100 characters.  The problem is easily
>remedied by downloading GNU tar from .
>For Windows NT/2000/etc. platforms, just drag the tar.gz archive and
>drop it into the WinZip (, $29)  or PKZIP for
>Windows (, $29) window.
>A better solution would be to download the free software Cygwin
>( and get the GNU tar program as part of the suite.
>Cygwin is free software in the genuine FSF sense.  The suite you
>download will include not only GNU tar, but also many of the other GNU
>utilities (bash, gcc, etc.).  The command line syntax of GNU tar is very
>similar the the JDK's jar command.  To unarchive Fop-0.20.1-bin.tar.gz,
>for example, one runs:
>  tar zxvf Fop-0.20.1-bin.tar.gz
>[I don't use MacOS, but surely there must be a port of GNU tar for it,
>(Until this is either added to the web site, or the FAQ, we can always
>point to the mail archive for new zip archive queries.)

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