Hey Brigette,
        Have you tried converting your company's logo PDF file into SVG and
including that in a FO? Then you can log all the PDF calls and parameters to
help you build a makeLogo method that will re-create your logo in every
document. I did this myself. It's why all the wacky PDF gradient code
support is in there even for stuff SVG doesn't do.

Of course, if you used FO and the full FOP (now that SVG support rocks), you
wouldn't have to go to all that trouble, but I gather there's other reasons
for not doing that.

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Hi all,

        I have been developing a PDF output for our system using the PDF
classes of fop, including the PDFGraphics2D. I need to include existing
pdfs in my generated PDF (eg logo). It seems from the PDF spec I do this
using Form XObjects, and I have made a class for PDFFormXObject. What I
can't seem to get is how to use my nicely built XObject to draw it - I
need a Do sequence like that in PDFGraphics2D.drawImage, but am stumped
as to the exact sytax.

        Does anyone have an example or inspiration they could share?


btw if anyone could use a drawImage method that takes a CMYK JPEG and
makes a FopImage out of it (for use in a PDF, uncompressed
unfortunately), I have finally completed one that works.


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