In the jfor project (XSL-FO to RTF converter) we'd like to define extensions 
to XSL-FO for RTF-specific constructs (RTF styles in this case).

Could someone from the FOP team check that the proposal below is ok with FOP?
Ideally, our jfor: extensions should be completely ignored by FOP, while our 
output stays as much FOP-like as possible when jfor: extensions are not used.

jfor stylesheets extension proposal (example/excerpts):

<!-- this generates an RTF stylesheet -->
  <jfor:style name="sourceCode" font-size="10pt" font-family="Courier"/>
  <!-- more RTF styles here -->   

  <fo:block jfor-class="sourceCode">
    in RTF, this block will have the sourceCode style.

Shouldn't the jfor-class attribute also be made part of the jfor namespace?
like <fo:block jfor:jfor-class="sourceCode">

Thanks for having a look at this!

 -- Bertrand Delacrétaz,
 -- web technologies consultant - OO, Java, XML, C++

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