Hi All,

I have written a document describing a possible way that we could implement
the layout process (also has some info about user agent).

I am hoping for feedback (particularly from those who have looked at the
layout - Arved, Karen, Peter and others).

It is mostly a description so there still may be some gotchas that I
haven't considered. Hopefully this can provide some impetus to moving
forward with the layout design so we can handle all these requests for
things like keeps, spacing, line breaking (chinese characters), floats,
large images, infinite loops etc. For those new to this area handlng a lot
of these things is difficult with the current layout process in fop, hence
the need for a new approach.

The document is written to use docbook (possibly customised, so don't blame
me for the wacky layout).

(I tried to attached the pdf output, but I doesn't work?)
Instead you can get the document here:

If you have anything to add, anything is unclear or plain wrong I look
forward to hearing your response.


ps. I sent this yesterday but it hasn't appeared, so apologies if this is
sent twice. It has been updated slightly.

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