Most of the documents are out of date, due to lack of people to update the
documentation. The general design is still the same as the information
provided on the website.

This design is proving to be no good when trying to implement more of the
spec. So we are attempting to come up with a new design to layout the
objects. We are in desperate need of developers who can contribute to the

All of the rendering can be found in the org.apache.fop.render package but
I suspect you don't mean that type of rendering. This is where the area
tree is rendered to the appropriate output (eg. pdf).

On Mon, 03 Sep 2001 10:25:21 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I have been playing around with FOP for a few days now and I certainly
> like
> it. The entire xsl:fo thing kinda reminds me of LaTeX which I love. But I
> find the way FOP is build rather difficult to comprehend. Is there
> someone
> who can point me to a document or that can explain in some lines what the
> overal design is. I understand most of the subsections but I have a hard
> time comprehending the overal process and which classes belong to which
> part of the rendering process.
> Thx, Erik

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