I am trying to render a document using FOP -> PCL.  I am seeing a few issues

1) I have a little image in GIF format that I am rendering in the page - it
comes all distroted and blurry - do I have to change it to another format?

2)  I get errors in the log file from my app, such as

WARNING: Number of cell columns under table-row not equal to number of

repeated six or so times.  The formatting of the printout looks a bit off
(it seems to be missing a few spaces at the top ) but this looks fine when
rendered as a PDF.  Are there any good guidelines folks have for a
stylesheet that would be used to render PCL vs PDF?

3) Finally, does anyone know what level of PCL is actually being generated?
I want to make sure this will work and be interpretted on as many HP
printers as possible - the two that I have tried it on have the above issues
of blurry images and header spacing.

I'd really appreciate anyone willing to help!

Thanks very much,


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