1) The PCLRenderer only does very basic image printing. Basically for each
pixel in the input image if the color (or gray) intensity is above a certain
level then it will be white, otherwise it will be black. You would probably
obtain better results if you used an image processing application to dither
the image to black and white.

2) I would not expect the table column errors to depend on the renderer. I
suspect that the number of columns defined for the table and the number of
columns in a row do not actually agree. You may want to re-check the tables
to verify that they are correct.

2a) The PCLRenderer should produce output that is as close as possible to
the PDFRenderer with the same FO input. Sometimes the AcrobatReader will
appear to introduce differences when printed because I think that the
default is to Fit To Page on print. If you turn this off and print the PCL
and PDF they should be identical (within the limitations). Some important
limitations of the PCLRenderer are no color, only the original built in font
support, and no SVG support.

3) The PCLRenderer requires PCL5 support. A major objective for the
PCLRenderer was to support as many PCL printers as possible, so only basic
PCL functionality was used (where possible). One deviation from vanilla PCL5
was that I think PCL5 (at least according to my manual) only supports bitmap
resolutions to 300 dpi. For image scaling the PCLRenderer may set the
resolution to 600 dpi if needed. Another area of potential concern is that
the PCLRenderer uses Arial for Helvetica and Times New for Times, so these
fonts must be in the printer and accessed with the standard HP codes. Note
that the FO file references Helvetica or Times NOT Arial or Times New.

I hope that this helps.


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I am trying to render a document using FOP -> PCL.  I am seeing a few issues

1) I have a little image in GIF format that I am rendering in the page - it
comes all distroted and blurry - do I have to change it to another format?

2)  I get errors in the log file from my app, such as

WARNING: Number of cell columns under table-row not equal to number of

repeated six or so times.  The formatting of the printout looks a bit off
(it seems to be missing a few spaces at the top ) but this looks fine when
rendered as a PDF.  Are there any good guidelines folks have for a
stylesheet that would be used to render PCL vs PDF?

3) Finally, does anyone know what level of PCL is actually being generated?
I want to make sure this will work and be interpretted on as many HP
printers as possible - the two that I have tried it on have the above issues
of blurry images and header spacing.

I'd really appreciate anyone willing to help!

Thanks very much,


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