Question - I am testing a PCL generated file on an HP DeskJet 400 Printer,
circa 1995 with Windows 95.  I am seeing rather funky behavior, with the
headers and footers being messed up (it looks like a few of the lines were
written and then written over - perhaps a page break issue in our XSL)- our
XSL is quite heavy and complex, so I am not sure where to start.  I am
wondering if I need to take the approach of looking at our XSL and seeing
where it can be tuned or tweaked to change this behavior, or do I need to go
to the PCL itself?  I'm wondering if someone could nudge me in a certain

The output looks fairly decent on an HP8000 or HP820.  I called HP and they
weren't much help.

Thanks for any help or input,


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