FOP needs at all levels the ability to log errors and messages. System.out
is fine for CLI applications, but not for most embedded applications or
servers. We could have used Log4J instead, but the rest of Apache XML is
using LogKit and it suited our needs.

Avalon is the place where common Design Patterns are implemented as a common
component repository. With the combined might of all our projects, we can
have confidence that every component is the best designed and best
implemented possible, where no one project would have the resources to do

You are correct that it is theoretically possible to make FOP faster and
lighter without using any extra libraries like Avalon. If we made our own
custom XML parser optimized for FO, that would also be true, but we still
use Xalan and Xerces. We just don't have the resources or interest in
pursuing it.

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        In CVS we have org.apache.fop.apps.Driver implementing the

        org.apache.avalon.framework.logger.Loggable interface.

        Is there a good reason we are dragging Avalon into our core code

        Maybe someone should extend the Driver class with AvalonDriver so
that us 
client side developers do not have to get involved with the extra server 
side libraries.

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