FOA is the first XSL-FO specific authoring tool, it helps you with
pagination, page sequences and creates the transformation elements to
convert multiple XML content files into XSL-FO.
Without writing any bits of XSL-T or FO, FOA will generate an XSL stylesheet
that takes the content from multiple XML files and apply the style from
multiple Attribute Set files accordingly to the transformation elements that
you have defined (Bricks).
This first version allows you to generate:

* Pagination
        page (size and margins)
        header, footer, left side, right side (size, margins, borders,
backgrounds, paddings, orientation)
        body ( size, multicolumn, margins, borders, backgrounds, paddings,
* Page Sequences
        simple, repeated (with first and/or last), alternating (with first
and/or last

* Bricks (transformation units)
        blocks, inline sequences, external images, external links, internal
links (requires ID)
        lists (ordered, unordered, label and body, item+label+body

* FO Properties
        common font properties
        common color properties
        common border, padding and background properties
        most important specific properties (keeps, breaks, spacing and

FOA is compatible with the XSL file generated by WH2FO (only 0.1.9 !!) and
also is able to open the Attribute sets generated with WH2FO.
FOA is available at : 
There are some examples and a tutorial
.htm) to better understand how does it works.

                                        Thank you, Fabio.

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