Hi at all,

I m using FOP 0.20.1,

i have a probleme with location of external graphics.


the following fo tag generated is working fine locally

<fo:external-graphic src="file:D:/Projects/work/sv2.gif" />

but once i deploy it on my server (linux)

with this tag

<fo:external-graphic src="file:///htdocs/www_iid/images/sv2.gif" />

i've got  the following  message

"Error while creating area : Invalid Image URL - error on relative URL : no protocol: null"

i've tried :

<fo:external-graphic src="file:/htdocs/www_iid/images/sv2.gif" />

My servlet runner run as root,

the path


/htdocs/www_iid/images/sv2.gif is correct

but the same message occures anyway


does anyone met the same problem ?



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