I'm understanding your problem a little better now.  This probably won't
solve all your problems, but be sure you have a margin-bottom attribute on
your region-body tag.  If you make the margin-bottom the same as the extent
on your region-after it should keep it from printing over your page number.
This is assuming your page number is in the region-after area used by
'<static-content flow-name="xsl-region-after">'.

<simple-page-master name="pages">
<region-before extent="Y.0in"/>
<region-body margin-bottom="X.0in" margin-top="Y.0in"/>
<region-after extent="X.0in"/>

Same with the region-before tag and margin-top attribute to keep it out of
your header.

Hope that helps/works.


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Subject:     Table Layout with Page Breaks (re-visited)   

I previously made a posting regarding this topic and received some helpful
responses.  However, I'm still having the problem.  This time, I'll
describe the problem in greater detail.

I use FOP to dynamically create a table from database data.  The resulting
table can range from just a few rows to many rows, requiring multiple pages
to display the table.  The problem I'm having is that a multi-page table
doesn't gracefully traverse the page boundaries.  The table can continue
past the page number to the very bottom of the page, with sometimes only
half of the last row appearing on the first page, with the remaining table
being displayed on the next page.  I've tried "keep-with-next", plus other
attributes, but haven't had any success at resolving this issue.

I've made sure that all table tags are nested under the "xsl-region-body"
tag, as suggested by John T.

Perhaps part of my problem is that the text in one of the columns is
wrapped onto three lines, as the column width is not sufficient for all of
the text to fit on one line.  I'm thinking that perhaps FOP can't set up
the page breaks properly as a result (which is simply a guess).

I'm added some logic in my XSL file to end the table and start a new table
every x number of rows (by using the mod() method).  However, I need to be
able to set the cell height for this to consistently work (as the number of
rows in a cell could vary).  I tried setting height from the row tag as
well as from the cell tag, but the requested height is being ignored.

I've been using version 0.19.0.  Today, I'm going to try 0.20.1 to see if
there is a difference.

Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated ....

Chris W.

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