Hallo Corinna,

I have studied the problem in the last week with the following result:

There is an error in the font metrik files in org/apache/fop/render/pdf/fonts. In the 
WinAnsiEncoding the hyphen has the code point 0x002D. In the font metrik files for 
Helvetica, Times and Courier there are two entries for this index. For example in 
Helvetica.java there is "width[0x002D] = 333" and "width[0x2D] = 324".

But the font metrik files are generated. So the generation is not correct. For 
generating Helvetica.java the files Helvetica.xml, charlist.xml und font-file.xsl from 
the directory src/codegen are used. In charlist.xml you find two entries with 
win-ansi=0x002D: one for adobe-name hyphen in the "win-ansi section" with unicode 
0x002D and another for adobe-name minus in the "symbol section" with unicode 0x2212. 
Only the entry of the "win-ansi section" should be used.

I think the best way is to split charlist.xml in three files: one for win-ansi 
encoding, one for zapfdingbats encoding and one for symbol encoding. For generating 
the metrik files for the fonts with win-ansi encoding charlist-win-ansi.xml is used, 
for the zapfdingbats metrik file charlist-zapfdingbats.xml is used and for the symbol 
metrik file charlist-symbol.xml is used.

So there is for each font a file with a mapping (adobe-name -> width) and for each 
encoding a file with a mapping (adobe-name -> code point). Then it is possible to 
generate the font metrik file with mapping (code point -> width). Now we need only a 
file with a mapping (unicode -> adobe-name) to build for each encoding the mapping 
(unicode -> code point).

Another way is to use *.pfm files of the standard fonts Helvetica ,... to build the 
font metrik files.

The ps renderer don't use the WinAnsiEncoding but IsoLatin1Encoding. But I have not 
found a Unicode to IsoLatin1 mapping. I think it is an encoding problem. In Isolatin1 
the hyphen has the code point 0xAD. So the character with value 0x2D must be mapped on 

Another point: In the files Helvetica.xml, ... (the files with the mapping adobe-name 
-> width) there are no entries for the euro, see bug 2105.

Rainer Garus

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