XMLSpy 4.1 has FO transformation built in as an option under the XSL menu.
All you have to do is point it to FOP.bat. I guess you could call this a
"visual tool". But I'm going to guess that what the original poster is
looking for is some kind of a WYSIWIG PDF editor that manipulates the
underlying FO? That would be a pretty intense project.

Do you think Adobe will ever implement a built-in fop processor? The Acrobat
plug-in could come to life any time the browser comes across a .fo file,
just like it does now when it sees a .pdf. Any pages that require precise
coloring, layout, pagination, etc. would be candidates for conversion from
html to fo. Definitely some interesting possibilities here. I suppose people
could be doing the same thing now if they have Exchange, but when you can
make little changes through a text editor it's a lot more convenient.

You'd think they'd be all for it since it could drastically increase PDF
viewing on the web. Although I guess it could cut into sales of their
full-version Acrobat (what used to be called Exchange). So what part of it
would they sell? Hmmm. Can even they do this within the licensing rules of
this project? 


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> Subject: RE: no visual tool for FOP?
> Hi team
> This is also something I am curious about. Here are two 
> embryonic ideas -
> can anyone see any merit in them?
> 1     XMLSpy seems to have the ability to convert a Word 
> document to XML. Could
> XSLT be used to transform this XML to FO, and thence to PDF? 
> Then Word could
> be used as the "visual tool".
> 2     Sun's new Star Office apparently saves files as XML (see
> http://xml.coverpages.org/starOfficeXML.html ). Could the 
> word processor
> from StarOffice be used as the "visual tool"?
> By the way, XMLSpy mentions support or fop - does anyone have 
> experience
> with this?
> Regards -
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