If you edit text in a structured way, i.e. using soft formattings instead of
hard ones, you can use any tool as a structured editor - for flat
structures, because e.g. both Word and StarOFfice can apply soft formats
("styles") only sequentially. You can have some algorithm to bring a deeper
structure into the data material afterwards by using context information for
processing it. But then you'll have certain problems to get the data back
into Word, if required. However, under certain circumstances, which may be
today's requirements of any percentage between 30 and 90% of companies, the
workflows is the (a) cheapest (b) most easily accepted (c) quickest.

We use a Word2XML converter that strips Word data from anything that is
format information. Styles are mapped to tags, and format information is
added later with FO. It's likely that people like you and I work with
XMLSpy, but I want to see that book author or machine engineer who is going
into the trouble of abandoning his or her beloved Word environment. At least
this is today's situation in my country. I don't know, how people will be
used to work tomorrow, or are used to work already in other countries.


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Hi team

This is also something I am curious about. Here are two embryonic ideas -
can anyone see any merit in them?

1       XMLSpy seems to have the ability to convert a Word document to XML. Could
XSLT be used to transform this XML to FO, and thence to PDF? Then Word could
be used as the "visual tool".

2       Sun's new Star Office apparently saves files as XML (see
http://xml.coverpages.org/starOfficeXML.html ). Could the word processor
from StarOffice be used as the "visual tool"?

By the way, XMLSpy mentions support or fop - does anyone have experience
with this?

Regards -
Charles Palmer

Technical Director, DSP Design Ltd
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