I've written an Avalon block as a wrapper for fop, xalan, batik and
naturally my Phoenix applications, that use this block, have their own
logger. It's retrieved in the standard Avalon way by calling
getLogger(), so I've tried this:

{Class extends AbtractLoggable}
Driver driver = new Driver();

This compiles fine and my application works fine, too. However, fop's
log output goes to System.out instead of the log file. Normally, when
using Avalon's logger, I just write things like:

getLogger().debug("shows up when log level is DEBUG");
getLogger().info("shows up when log level is INFO");
getLogger().error("shows up when log level is ERROR");

So if fop calls these methods as well, it should theoretically work. Any
tips on what goes wrong here?



Ulrich Mayring
DENIC eG, Systementwicklung

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