--- Carmelo Montanez <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > Thanks it worked for me too now both 
in Netscape
> IE.  However what if I wanted to embed to PDF results from
> FOP inside some HTML code for formatting
> purposes?, is that possible at all.  What I mean is
> is possible to send the PDF and the HTML back to
> the client in some fashion?

Forget FOP for a minute and ask yourself whether such a thing is possible at all?

Where have you seen an html document with PDF embedded in it? It *might* be possible
to use the acrobat plugin in this way but try to find an example and I bet you
can't. Whenever I have seen the acrobat plugin it either opens up a new window or
takes over the entire window. 

You can of course send back an html page which *links* to other pdf documents, 
but that is about it. 

Then you might want to look at frames - it might be possible to have html in one
frame and a pdf document in another...

none of this has anything to do with FOP though.


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