Hi Keiron,

If there is not going to be a FOP release in the next few weeks, I 
agree that a minimal integration does not make sense.

Currently the jfor conversion is driven directly from SAX events, so the 
first thing that comes to mind is driving it from the FO tree.

You're right that, contrary to print renderers, the RTF one will need to know 
about the structure of the original document.

Does the FO tree handle things like attribute inheritance (i.e. a block 
inherits the font definition from an ancestor block), or is this handled 
while doing the layout? Such inheritance is currently missing in jfor.

To summarize:
-jfor needs to know about the original document structure: speaks for option 
(A), plugging jfor right after the FO tree stage if I understand well.

-BUT jfor could probably benefit from some operations done at the layout 
stage (attributes inheritance, others?) : speaks for option (B), extending 
the renderer interface to let the renderers know (cleanly) about the original 
document structure.

If you can give me some pointers about where to look at in the code to 
evaluate (A) and (B), I'll have a look.

- Bertrand

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